Each year many snakebites occur in California, unfortunately many of these are to children and family pets.

Our snake repeller is effective against all snake species

100% Safe to use around Children and Animals

The Sentinel Q Super Pulse repeller has now replaced he older multi pulse Sentinel MKII , now even more effective with greater range


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How it works

This unique Snake Repellent has been developed to scare away all kinds of snakes; it emits a regular pulsing vibration, which the snake picks up through sensors throughout its body. The snake perceives a danger zone causing them to evacuate the area; most snakes will retreat almost immediately.

  • Quiet
  • Super pulse signals
  • Larger area of coverage
  • Dual battery power
  • Easy to change AA rechargeable batteries - included
  • Inbuilt battery charger
  • Operation indicator light
  • UV inhibiters to resist degradation in plastics
  • Non rusting aluminium probe
  • On / Off switch
  • Robust design
  • 100% Safe & non toxic
  • Safe around children and pets
  • Will not affect other wildlife

Solar powered with inbuilt battery charger and easy to change AA batteries

How many to use?

A normal house lot we suggest two units on in the front one in the back, for higher risk areas four units.

A larger garden the 4-6 units will give good results.

For larger sections we suggest space them at 45 yard intervals around your boundary as a general rule 8 units should give excellent coverage on an acre section.

The sense organs of snakes are uniquely different than those of mammals and other animals. Unlike mammals, which mainly rely on their sight and hearing, snakes rely primarily on their senses of smell and touch. They do not have moveable eyelids, but transparent caps called "brille" as protective eye coverings. Because of this, their eye movement is fairly limited. They also do not have an external ear, middle ear, or tympanic membrane (eardrum). Instead, they use a small ossicle (ear bone), called the "columella," to detect vibrations of sound waves conducted through the ground. They are able to pick up some sound waves conducted through the air, but only at very low frequencies. Snakes actually sense the vibration right throughout their bodies via their spine, this is termed somatic hearing, where the vibration is picked up and transferred along the spinal cords to the ear bone. The Sentinel Q emits regular vibrations through the ground snakes interpret this as a possible threat and leave the area.

Much research has gone into developing the correct type of pulse to trigger the retreat instinct in snakes. It has been designed and produced to give years of trouble free service with no running costs. Solar powered for economy and low maintenance, built of sturdy materials to resist the elements. It integrated high quality solar panel and power cells provides reliability to work continuously day and night, All year round even throughout prolonged periods of dull overcast weather.

It is environmentally safe and will not affect any other animals, birds or livestock.

The effectiveness of the repeller is greatly increased when two or more units are used as the snake cannot identify where the threat may be so it retreats much more quickly and generally will go much further away. One unit can and will protect its area well, a circle with a diameter of 45 Yards, but we recommend that at least two units be used. To protect larger areas it is recommended that multiple units be placed approx 45 yards apart, to get complete coverage between units for maximum protection, the more units deployed the more effective the result. Throughout Spring, Summer and as Autumn approaches in many parts, numerous young snakes are emerging and looking for new territories and older larger snakes will be out trying to establish territories in which to breed, and spend the cooler months. Rather than forming a physical barrier to the snakes it creates an area where the snakes just do not want to be, so they go elsewhere. if you place units around the outside of your yard , its also a good idea to place one close in to your home, where you really do not want them to be.

Much more effective than any snake fence as snakes can find a way past virtually any “snake proof fence”.

The snake repellers are very good at removing snakes from behind or under obstacles such as rock walls, from under sheds and garages. Small shed foundations, footpaths and driveways will not stop the effectiveness of the unit, and they will also operate very well in rocky ground.

This year looks like being another record breaking year for numbers of snakes sighted, many more snakes seem to be coming in to areas where they are not normally seen, all indications they are breeding there in record numbers and are likely to many more unfortunate encounters with the predicted early spring and hot summer likely to encourage record breeding. With ratlesnakes becoming much more of a problem over the past year in most parts of their range whether this is due to the changing climate or drought it is hard to say for certain but there has been a huge increase in the number of bites to pets especially dogs over the past months, and also a lot more people appear to have suffered bites or close encounters from rattle snakes than normal in places where they are not normally common.

Alarming numbers of Rattle Snakes were seen last summer, with many showing even more aggressive behaviour than normal, with so many unfortunate encounters happening on a daily basis. Then with all the young snakes around in these areas they are going to be much more of a problem this year, you need to clean up any rubbish from around your homes and close off any potential hiding places where they will hide.

Sentinel Q Electronic Snake Repellent will help protect your home and loved ones night and day from these potentially deadly creatures.

Snakes need to be on the ground to feel the effects of the snake repellent, so if you can ensure that the snakes must cross over open ground to gain access to the areas that you wish to protect this will aid in their effectiveness.

All that is visible of the unit is the sturdy plastic top and the high quality solar panel. Beneath this is an aluminium probe, which is placed into the earth to transmit regular warning pulses through the ground. Normally the only maintenance required to keeping this unique repeller in perfect working order for trouble free service, is the occasional wipe of the solar panel with a soft cloth to remove excess dust and grime. The batteries should be checked every spring before the snake season starts. The Sentinel Q Snake Repellent will work perfectly well even in partial shade so it can be placed in a convenient location out of the main traffic areas, to avoid damage when cutting the grass etc. Most true snake experts will agree that nearly all snakes will flee if given the opportunity to do so, by placing these units around your home any snakes that enter the area will feel under threat and retreat. Usually they will go at least several hundred yards away, and they will not normally return.


Beware of shoddy imitations and copies of our older models

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If you have snakes coming from rivers, creeks, dams, lakes, swamps, woodlands, canyons or disused lots onto your land this is a great method of stopping them, before they can cause distress to your loved ones, simply place the repellers along your boundaries where you feel the snakes are coming from. Although no product is 100% foolproof, and we do not claim ours to be, as there is always the chance of some unforeseen event or circumstance occurring. We do believe that under normal circumstances that by using Sentinel Snake Repellers you will seriously reduce the chance of any unfortunate encounters with snakes. Even with the Snake Repellent units in place it is always wise to be vigilant as some unexpected circumstance can occur and especially where children or loved pets are concerned one accident is too many

We are a family business and have been in the home garden / pest control business for many years and we value our good name highly and have serviced many satisfied customers over the years. The Sentinel Snake repellent is the biggest step forward in snake control ever and with all the tests we have done, it has an excellent success rate. We feel confident that with this product, unwanted snakes in the home garden will soon become a thing of the past

With many snakes they only really become a problem when they come around our homes, where they can pose a threat to our loved ones, especially children and pets. Check in and around children's playhouses and their favourite play spots in the garden. Throughout the summer months it is a good idea to install good lighting around the area of your yard and garden, especially in the locations where you spend time outside after dark as snakes are often very active at night and accidents can so easily happen if you cannot see clearly what is around.

Use the Sentinel snake repellent to help prevent snakebites.

The primary prey of many snakes is rodents and frogs, try to clean up areas where these may breed, keep food scraps out of compost heaps, clean up uneaten stock food, fix dripping taps and generally make your home an unattractive place for rodents to breed, if you are plagued by frogs attracted to the insects throughout the summer, catch some of them and relocating them several miles away, as snakes will come to your home in search of them. Clean up the area around your home removing any trash such as old roofing iron etc - a favourite snake-hiding place. Fix up any loose siding and possible entry points where they could squeeze into your home.

Even if you are just renting a holiday house for a few weeks or months, it is a great idea to take along some repeller units, for snake control as the effect is immediate, and can easily be installed in minutes or packed up and taken home until the next time. Then you can enjoy your rest with worrying about the local snakes. Take them with you in your camper and install them wherever you stop for a while.

If you have dogs in kennels or runs, place the units around the outside to keep snakes from entering into your dogs area, there have been so many incidents this last year with snakes biting dogs within their runs, which have unfortunately resulted in the loss of many loved and valuable dogs.


These repeller units while they are an effective deterrent they are not 100% foolproof

and one should always be aware that unforseen circumstances can occur so you should not be complacent especially where children

are concerned and always take all precautions possible.

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The Best Snake Repellent Available. Get Rid of Snakes Now.

Do not try and kill snakes and risk possible serious injury repel them instead.

Avoid injury from dangerous rattlesnakes

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